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k e n z i e c a r d c o .
More commonly known as kenziecards - a quirky brand of handmade greeting card that cleverly pairs sweet illustrations & playful wording. These chuckle worthy cards are uniquely styled and make great gifts for a wide range of ages and interests.

M a c k e n z i e | Founder & Creative Director
Hello. My name is Mackenzie and I love all things artsy, crafty, punny and pretty. I have been colouring, doodling and scripting since I was young, starting out on devices such as the etch-a-sketch and magna doodle. I love to create; that passion has evolved into a very special thing that I am so proud to share with you today!

S T O R E   L O C A T I O N S | W H O L E S A L E
Find kenziecards at the following retail locations across Canada. For more information regarding wholesale and becoming a future kenziecards stockist, please contact Mackenzie - h e l l o @ k e n z i e c a r d c o . c o m

B R I T I S H  C O L U M B I A

Carousel on Dunbar - Vancouver (Dunbar Street + 27th)

Exposure Home - Vancouver (Commercial Drive)

Olive + Wild - Vancouver (Main Street)

Willow + Wallflower - Port Moody (St. John's Street)

UBC Bookstore - Vancouver


University of Calgary Medical Bookstore - Calgary, Alberta

The Magpies Collective - Leduc, Alberta

Parcel + Prose - Edmonton, Alberta

Cedar & Lace - North Battleford, Saskatchewan

The Papery - Toronto, Ontario

Quitters Coffee - Stittsville, Ontario

C U S T O M  C A R D S | I L L U S T R A T I O N
Rather than finding the perfect card for the perfect person, you can have the perfect card made for them. For more information regarding custom designs and illustrations please contact Mackenzie via e-mail or Etsy Messenger.

h e l l o @ k e n z i e c a r d c o . c o m
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