Cute + Quirky Cards.

k e n z i e c a r d c o .
More commonly known as kenziecards - a quirky brand of handmade greeting card that cleverly pairs sweet illustrations & playful wording. These chuckle worthy cards are uniquely styled and make great gifts for a wide range of ages and interests.

M a c k e n z i e | Founder & Creative Director
Hello. My name is Mackenzie and I love all things artsy, crafty, punny and pretty. I have been colouring, doodling and scripting since I was young, starting out on devices such as the etch-a-sketch and magna doodle. I love to create; that passion has evolved into a very special thing that I am so proud to share with you today!

S T O R E   L O C A T I O N S | W H O L E S A L E
Find kenziecards at the following retail locations across Canada. For more information regarding wholesale and becoming a future kenziecards stockist, please contact Mackenzie - h e l l o @ k e n z i e c a r d c o . c o m

B R I T I S H  C O L U M B I A

Carousel on Dunbar - Vancouver (Dunbar Street + 27th)

Exposure Home - Vancouver (Commercial Drive)

L' Atelier Sandie Bell - Burnaby Heights

Olive + Wild - Vancouver (Main Street)

Willow + Wallflower - Port Moody (St. John's Street)

UBC Bookstore - Vancouver


University of Calgary Medical Bookstore - Calgary, Alberta

The Magpies Collective - Leduc, Alberta

Parcel + Prose - Edmonton, Alberta

Cedar & Lace - North Battleford, Saskatchewan

The Papery - Toronto, Ontario

Wildflower + Twigs - Sechelt, British Columbia

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